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  1. L.A. says:

    Guitar magic Roger” River of Sunsets” LA best wishes.

  2. Xenophanes Productions says:

    Xenophanes Productions

  3. Anchorage says:

    Anchorage Alaska
    Excellent music to chill to

  4. Judi says:

    Judi Austin
    Singer Song writer
    Edinburgh, SCT, UK UK
    I just had to hear String Dance again – really fantastic!!! x

  5. Roger,
    You are the sound of light making the world a better experience.
    Your music is healing, awakening and a gentle solution to all things “thought wrong”.
    Thanks for being such a beautiful co-creator!
    Your strings of sound making light are the CHANGE this ole world calls forth!
    From one multi-dimensional perceiver to another, THANK YOU!
    Your eternal friend and co-creator,
    Kiatta, et al (Karen and all the others!)

  6. Aaron Pyne: Mystic Journey into the Divine! says:

    Roger’s a master at bringing in divine frequencies through the guitar. The music takes you on a mystic journey into sacred realms at the edge of the mind!

  7. Kirk Nugent: Mr. says:

    Thank you for the love and positive vibes that you’re sending out into the Universe. Continue to be blessed and be a blessing to all. Much Love, Kirk

  8. Ed: Emperor says:

    Roger is an amazing guitarist and is always looking for ways to get even better and incorporate new techniques into his already vast encylopedia. He’s also just a great guy and I am very honored that I get to learn from him and to play guitar with him. Can’t wait for his next CD and I hope more people will discover his music! Best of luck Roger!

  9. grinner hester: video producer says:

    Roger’s style and grace is second to nonce. It was a pleasure working with him on his EPK and I look forward to doing more with him in the future. ***.grinnerhester.***

  10. Black Key Annie: Music Therapist says:

    Hi Roger! I found the business card you gave me when I waited on you at Olive Garden : ) Your site is incredible! I am so happy to have heard your music finally. I can feel so much p***ion in the music you’ve created. You have a gift and it was a pleasure to meet you! Light and love, Anne

  11. missmagikal: Magikal Music says:

    Your Music touches the Ligtht in all that is (:**:)

  12. littlewhitehawk: Roger Klosterman says:

    ~ Namaste ~ Roger it is an honor to be your friend and sistar*** of the Light.♥ You are as beautiful as your music……. We are counting the days until you get here and party with us for days…… We Love and Miss You So Very Much♥♥♥ Many Blessings♥ littlewhitehawk