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Sound Sayings

if you make people think they are thinking they will love you,but if you really make them think they will hate you   Don Marquios

most entanglements are caused by vocal chords

people well tell you nothing can be known, and they are absolutely  certain about that

simple people die of complications and complicated people simply die

sometimes you have to be silent in order to be heard

some people are wise and some are otherwise

wise people have something to say,but are fools because they say it

a hint is something we drop, but don’t often pick up

worry is the interest you pay on trouble the usually does not come

things that talk less often say more

no sense in being pessimistic ,it would not work anyway

great minds discuss ideas,average minds discuss events and small minds discuss people

praise does wonders for the sense of hearing

lifes most important decisions are made with mono syllables

speaking in two languages is valuable,but keeping silent in either is priceless

the only one who gets anywhere playing both ends against the middle is an accordion player

the man or women of the hour is one who rarely watches the clock


a good traveler enjoys the journey

music is a painting on a background of silence